Passenger Buses

What constitutes a passenger bus? The answer is easy. It is the kind of bus meant to maximize the number of people to be carried for the size of the vehicle. In other words, passenger busses are the same concept most people are already familiar with. However, in the business, it is helpful to mention them because it isn’t just all about passenger coaches for sale.

If we aren’t talking about new or used passenger buses, what other kinds of coaches are there? RVs, entertainers, limo and party coaches are all opposed to a passenger bus for sale. A bus passenger is like cargo for these purposes. That may sound a little inhuman, but its not about treating them in a subhuman way, its about getting as many people as possible to fit on a coach! Obviously comfort is always going to be a concern. It doesn’t take much room away from people space to have things like overhead luggage, air vents, overhead lighting, a/c and heat, video monitors, a stereo system, or even a rest room! We are packing sardines in a can here. But you won’t expect to find household appliances like stoves, microwaves, and sinks there. You wouldn’t expect furniture such as love seats, couches, beds, desks or tables. Actually you may even get a table or two on a passenger bus.

Passenger Buses for Sale

  • What are the smallest ones? Typically, the smaller ones you will encounter are around 15 passenger buses. There are as small as 8 passenger bus models out there.
  • What about the big ones? Well.. If you are talking about an articulated double decker, you may find seating for 80 or more people! Realistically though, they tend to cap out at about 55 passenger buses.
  • What are some of the popular amounts of seating for small ones? You often see a 14 passenger bus for sale, since it does not require a CDL.
  • How about midsize passenger buses? Many times you will find a nice 20 passenger bus for sale. A 25 passenger bus for sale is also popular. When you start talking about a 30 passenger bus for sale, you are starting to reach the upper limit of what is considered a mid size passenger bus.
  • And the big mama jamas? On the low end of full size passenger buses, a 42 pax bus is popular. On the realistic upper end, you’re lookin at 54 or 55 pax buses.
  • Wait, what is a pax bus? It’s just an abbreviation for passenger bus!
  • What should I look for in quality used passenger buses for sale? Easy enough. First decide on how much seating you want. Then, look for as many amenities as are in your budget, the kinds that don’t take up much space, like the ones mentioned above. And as always, shop around!!